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Private Prices

Basic Dentistry Prices: 

These prices have been designed to help individuals who can not afford medical aid. Please note that medical aid patients will be charged according to their specific medical aid tariffs. 

Consultation R250 (inclusive of gloves and sterile instruments.)

Dental Cleaning R350 (Does not include R250 consult fee.)

Filling Back Tooth R650. Front Tooth R750 (includes injection and x-ray if needed. Does NOT include R250 consult fee.) 

Removing normal tooth R350 (includes injection and x-ray if needed. Does NOT include R250 consult fee. Does not include wisdom's and root canal treated teeth.) 

Removing Wisdom/Root canal treated tooth R750 (if fully erupted and roots are not curved) (includes injection and x-rays if needed. Does not include R250 consult fee.) 

Specialized Dentistry Prices: 

Root Canal Treatment: 2 visit procedure

First visit: R500

Second visit: R2000 for front teeth and premolars, R3000 for molars


Acrylic partial denture/Flexi-denture: R2500-R3000. Can only be done on top. We only do 1-4 teeth acrylic partial dentures. If more teeth require replacing, we highly recommend a chrome denture rather be used as acrylic partial dentures become heavy and bulky as more teeth are added.  

Chrome partial denture: R5600-R6350. Can be done on the top or the bottom. 

Single upper or lower denture (does not include teeth removal) : R4300 

Full set dentures (top and bottom) (does not include teeth removal): R6150

Dental Crown: R4400 High strength zirconia crowns constructed by a lab technician

Dental Bridges: 3 unit R10 150 (replace 1 missing tooth in between two other teeth)

                              4 units R16 400 (replace 2 missing teeth in between 2 other teeth) 

*Please note that these prices are updated according to current 2023 prices and will be bound to increase in January 2024. 


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